Impacts of Hardware Changes on Neverfail V5.5.1 and Earlier



This Knowledgebase article provides information about the impact of changing hardware on a server pair protected by Neverfail.

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Changing some of the hardware components on a server pair protected by Neverfail may have differing impacts depending on the Identity of the server (Primary or Secondary) and the hardware component changed. If any of the hardware components are changed on the Secondary server, regardless if it was the active or the passive before the changes took place, it should not have any effect on Neverfail licensing.

Note: This will also be experienced in virtual environments when changing virtual hardware for example using VMware's Vmotion to migrate to a different virtual machine.  This will cause a change in the hardware ID thereby causing the license to no longer work requiring a new license key to be generated.

Changing hardware components on the Primary server will impact Neverfail licensing if the hardware ID changes.

The hardware ID of the Primary server might change, if any of the following hardware components are changed:

  • The network cards
  • The processor
  • The motherboard

During startup, if the hardware ID has changed, a popup message that clearly states what happened, 'Neverfail Heartbeat failed to start: No valid license keys. License Hardware ID does not match this machine', will display. At that point, the Neverfail Heartbeat will stop to allow the user to provide a correct license key.

For more information about how to request a new Neverfail license key, see Knowledgebase article #1255 - 'How to request a license key for Neverfail Heartbeat using SCOPE Data Collector Service V4.1 and later'.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat V5.5.1 and Earlier

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