How to Set Services to Manual Before Installing Neverfail



This information applies to the required applications services status prior to Neverfail deployment

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For Neverfail to detect the application services required at installation time the status of protected application services must have the status as Started or at least Stopped but the startup type should be set to Automatic. If the status of the service is Stopped and the startup type is set to Manual then Neverfail will not mark these services for protection and Neverfail will not be able to control the application behavior fully.


After installation, Neverfail will set the marked services to Manual so that the protected application Start/Stop will be managed by Neverfail's high-availability and disaster recovery solution. The starting and stopping operations will be done automatically by Neverfail depending on the server role in the pair.

If the protected services on the passive server are started then the synchronization will not be completed. This behavior is visible in the Current task field in the Neverfail Management Heartbeat Client GUI--> Data --> Current Task . The current task will be repeated continuously and the pair will never achieve synchronization (the passive server is keeping the files locked).

To troubleshoot this problem:

  1. Open the Stop Script on the passive server
  2. Check the status of all the protected services that should have been stopped
  3. If they are not stopped, please stop them manually.

The synchronization should complete afterwards.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2.2 and Earlier

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