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This Knowledgebase article provides a detailed list of the protection offered by Neverfail AMX for Client Profiles. Additional information about the current and supported versions of this AMX may be found in Knowledgebase article #871 - 'Client Profiles – Application Module eXtension – Versions'. There are links from that article to other articles that explain the unique features of each version.

More Information

Client Profiles is an application that uses Microsoft SQL Server to provide case management and accounting functionality for the legal profession. This AM(X) adds protection for Client Profiles registry and application files to the Neverfail for SQL Server module.

Protected Services

There are no services associated with the Client Profiles application.

Protected Data

T his is a description of the protected data set that was determined at AM(X) install time; exact filters will depend upon the configuration of the application.

  • Registry data
  • GatewayQ
  • Macro
  • Card Files
  • Crystal reports
  • History
  • Forms

Automatic Filter Discovery

This AM(X) does not provide a filter discovery component. The AMX will need to be reinstalled according to Knowledgebase article #462 - 'How to Upgrade or Reinstall an Application Module to Protect Previously Unprotected Features' if the application is reconfigured in such a way that new locations are specified for files that are currently protected.

Unsupported Components or Features

This AM(X) does not support Client Profiles if any of its components (server or client) are installed on UNC or mapped drives. Please ensure that all components are stored on NTFS drives on the server before starting the install.

Protecting New Installations of Client Profiles

Please note that when the Client Profiles application is installed it performs much of its configuration the first time it is run; this configuration must be present for the AM(X) to install. Please ensure that Client Profiles has been started successfully at least once before beginning the Neverfail Heartbeat installation.

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