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This Knowledgebase article provides release information about this specific version of Neverfail AMX for Client Profiles.

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Release Notes for:

  • Neverfail AMX for Client Profiles 2006-09-19

New Features

  • This is the first release of this AMX. It was released initially as a beta test; the beta test ended successfully on 2007-05-24 and from that date, the software was current and fully available.

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Installation Information

This AM(X) is compatible with Neverfail Heartbeat V5.0 and above. Please note it
cannot be used with previous versions of Heartbeat.

Note: Neverfail AM(X) for Client Profiles does not support UNC network paths or drives mapped to remote locations. Please note preinstall checks are performed by the installation and the install will be prevented if this is the case.

Protecting new installations of Client Profiles

Please note that Client Profiles does not write its configuration information to the registry until it has been started for the first time. In order to protect a Client Profiles installation, the application must have been started at least once.

  1. Run the Neverfail Heartbeat Setup.exe.
  2. When prompted, enter a license key that is valid for the AM(X) and the SQL Server Application Module.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions ensuring that the Neverfail SQL Server component is selected for install.
  4. Proceed through the install and when prompted, provide the location of the extracted ClientProfiles.amx. Click Next .
  5. If any of the pre-install checks fail, correct the problem and then click Back and then Next for the checks to be run again.
  6. Proceed with the install.

Applies To

Neverfail for SQL Server V5.0.1 onward

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