Contents of Neverfail Heartbeat V5.0.2


Component Bugzilla ID Description
Setup 4359 Unable to install SQL module 4.7.1 after NF upgrade from 4.7.704 to 5.0.802
Setup 4086 Problems upgrading AM(X)s because changelog is used to check version of the HB (which remains as first kit installed)

Neverfail for SQL Server customers will also benefit from several bug fixes which were released in V5.0.1 (which was not made available to SQL Server customers due to issues with the upgrade process).

For details of these bug fixes, please see Knowledge Base article 717.   Please note that bug 3507, shown as fixed in that KB article, is still present.  It is expected to be corrected with the first 64-bit compliant release of the SQL Server AM.


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