Advice for Configuring Services with Dependencies in Neverfail Heartbeat (Script and Monitor)



This Knowledgebase article provides information about the configuration of services with dependencies in a Neverfail Heartbeat environment.

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Start/Stop Scripts

During installation, Neverfail Heartbeat configures Start and Stop scripts taking into account services that depend on protected services. This could mean that other services will be included in the Start scripts, both on the Primary and Secondary servers. Therefore, whenever Neverfail Heartbeat runs the Start script for a specific application, some other (unprotected) applications (for example backup software) may also be started.

In some cases, for example backup software used in a topology where the backup media is attached only to the Primary server, following a switchover, Neverfail Heartbeat will attempt to start the services on the Secondary, now active, server. This will probably result in a failure because the backup software might not start due to the missing backup media, and would be reflected in a "Failed" status message next to the protected application status messages in the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client. The protected application should start without issue but the status message may confuse the end user.

Another example would be uninstalling backup software post install of Neverfail Heartbeat. Neverfail Heartbeat will still attempt to start these services via the script. This will result in failure, and, again, the application status for the protected application will be "Failed".

Neverfail Monitor

The Neverfail Monitor service performs a series of configurable actions. These can be manually configured, but in doing so care should be taken to ensure that any dependant services are configured in the same way. The Neverfail Monitor service will perform these actions and if a service contains dependencies, and the dependant action differs greatly, you may not achieve the required results.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2.[n] and Earlier

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