How the Kronos Application is Controlled by Heartbeat



This Knowledgebase article explains the control mechanism used by the Neverfail for Kronos Workforce Central AM(X) for the application executables.

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Kronos Workforce Central application executables are normal Windows processes and not services, although they rely on other software that creates them – the Jrun service.

The batch scripts Kronos provides for controlling the application cannot be used ‘as is’. This is because they may present a pop- up dialog to the user if a specific web port is in use. Heartbeat does not allow any user interaction with the application start process. These scripts could not be used directly in the Heartbeat start and stop scripts because they will cause an application timeout.

The control mechanism provided by this AM(X) is similar to the one provided by Kronos, with the exception that no check is performed for the specified web port, no user interaction being necessary, resulting in an automated processes of start and stop for the Kronos services - managed by the Neverfail Application Manager.

The scripts can be found at the following location <HB install dir>\R2\Scripts\IISServer\kronos.bat.


Starting Kronos:

kronos.bat <Workforce install path> start

Stopping Kronos:

kronos.bat <Workforce install path> stop

Applies To

Neverfail for Kronos Workforce Central AM(X)

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