Kronos Workforce Central AM(X) - "Data Collection Manager may hang sometimes on stopping"



This Knowledgebase article describes a known issue with the Kronos Workforce Central AM(X).

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The Data Collection Manager’s SentinelService may hang when shutting down.


The Data Collection Manager component of the Kronos Workforce Central solution is based on a single service – SentinelService. When a stop command is sent to this service, the shutdown process may start another program, called “DCMStateMngr”, which has been known to hang, preventing the service from stopping in due time. This means that the overall status of the stop script will be 'Failed'. This can prevent a successful switchover between the two servers and even cause 'Apply' issues on the newly passive server.


If, during a switchover process, the time taken to stop the protected application is rising, you may choose to 'End' the hanging service, including all the other dependent sub-processes.

Using the Windows Task Manager, under the 'Processes' tab, right-click on the SentinelService, and choose to 'End Process Tree'. This will stop the service and all the other instances of DCMStateMngr still running (including the ones still hanging).

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Kronos Workforce Central AM(X)

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