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This Knowledgebase article provides recommendations about configuring Neverfail when one service is protected by two or more Application Modules at the same time.

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Neverfail allows the installation of multiple Application Modules on the same server, with each of the Application Modules having a list of services that it protects. It is possible that a multiple Application Modules may list the same service thereby making it possible to set different monitor configurations for the same service.

For example, if service A is protected by two Application Modules, and you set the monitor configuration for this service in the first Application Module to "Restart, Restart, Switchover" and leave the configuration of the second Application Module as the default "Restart, Restart, Restart", a switchover will not take place as the second configuration will attempt to restart the service.

Neverfail recommends that when installing multiple Application Modules where a protected service is listed by two or more of the Application Modules, the monitor configurations should be set to be identical for that service in all Application Modules.

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