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This Knowledgebase article provides information about a known issue related to the compatibility of Remote Storage services with Neverfail Heartbeat.

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As per Microsoft: "You can use Remote Storage to extend disk space on your server without adding more hard disks. Remote Storage automatically copies eligible files on your local volumes to a library of magnetic tapes or magneto-optical disks. Remote Storage then monitors the amount of space that is available on your local volumes.

When the amount of available space on a local volume falls below the level that you designate, Remote Storage automatically removes the content (data) from a sufficient number of eligible files and migrates this content to an attached storage device, thus freeing up disk space on the volume. When data is removed from a file, the logical size of the file remains the same, and to the user, the file appears unchanged, but the physical size of the file is reduced to 1 KB. Content in other eligible files is not removed until more disk space is needed. When you need to open a file whose data has been removed, the data is automatically recalled from remote storage.”

This behavior may seriously affect Neverfail Heartbeat file replication. Therefore, the following services should not run on a server pair protected by Neverfail Heartbeat:

  • Remote Storage Engine
  • Remote Storage File
  • Remote Storage Media

When found, these services will be listed as incompatible in SCOPE reports and Neverfail SCOPE will issue an appropriate alert during the license key generation process.

For more information about Remote Storage, please refer to Microsoft TechNet " How Remote Storage Works "

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