How to setup METAmessaging on a new BlackBerry handset


This Knowledgebase article provides information about how to setup METAmessaging on a new BlackBerry handset. 

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To setup METAmessaging on a new BlackBerry handset, follow the procedures listed below. 


  1. In the METAmessage console on the BES server edit the userlist for both READ and the GETFILE to add in the new user (you must edit both independently).  
  2. Use handset to browse to then click on the link to install METAmessage basic. This will install the application on the handset.  
  3. Email the .INI file from the desktop of the BES server to the new handset (above steps must be completed first). This email is automatically processed by the handheld device and contains the settings for the METAmessage application and should not be opened by the user.
  4. Once processed the email should auto delete.

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BlackBerry Handset

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