How to Restart Interactive Learning Segments(ILS) from Neverfail eLearning if there was a Previous Run that was not Completed



This Knowledgebase article explains how to reset an Interactive Learning Segment (ILS) from Neverfail eLearning to start from the first page after the ILS has been previously viewed or not completed.

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The ILS(s) were created using Macromedia Flash and thus some aspects associated with its functionality apply to Neverfail eLearning also. Macromedia Flash keeps all its temporary objects cached locally on the hard drive. If the cache is not automatically cleared by the browser on shutdown, these temporary files will still be available. The effect of this is that if an ILS is restarted after a previous incomplete run, by design it will continue from the last page that was viewed.  Should you desire to restart the ILS from the first page, you can either navigate to the first page using the ILS menu or clear the shared objects by following the procedure below.


  1. Close all browsers prior to deleting any objects.
  2. Navigate to the directory: C:\Documents and Settings\$Username$\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects
  3. Delete the content of the directory.

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