How To Integrate a Neverfail Certified Sales Engineer into the Sales Process



This Knowledgebase article provides information about how and when to integrate a Neverfail Certified Sales Engineer (NCSE) into the sales process.

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A Neverfail Certified Sales Engineer (NCSE) combines both experience and training in sales with technical knowledge about the product to provide you with a valuable member of your team that is sensitive to the sales process but technically knowledgeable about the product itself, implementation of the product, and its use.


When positioning a Neverfail solution, various environmental factors must be evaluated to ensure that Neverfail is the correct technical choice. Including your Neverfail Certified Sales Engineer (NCSE) in discussions with your sales prospect is critical to a successful Neverfail sales cycle and can accomplish the following:

  • During a presentation of the product, you have a technically knowledgeable resource to address those unanticipated questions by the prospective client.
  • Having an NCSE present, demonstrates to the prospective client that you employ a team approach and identifies the resources available to them.
  • Answer any technical questions the prospective client may have during the presentation.

Additionally, your Neverfail Certified Sales Engineer can provide assistance when you are ready to demonstrate the product.  An NCSE can provide assistance with the following:

  • Technical demonstration of the product in Neverfail's Virtual Demonstration Management System (VDMS) or the partner's own lab.
  • Quoting assistance to ensure Neverfail's compatibility with the customer environment.
  • When necessary, administration and support of customer’s Neverfail trial evaluation.

  • Analysis of the customer's SCOPE Healthcheck and/or initial bandwidth recommendations.

Integrating your Neverfail Certified Sales Engineer (NCSE) early in the sales process can greatly improve your chances of success in your sales.

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