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This Knowledgebase article describes how to use the Neverfail Pricing Configurator for developing quotes.

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To develop a quote of Neverfail products or services, download the Neverfail Pricing Configurator and follow the steps below:


  1. Click Start New Quote button.
  2. On Line 2, enter number of physical CPUs from the server with the most CPUs in the failover pair.
  3. On Line 4, enter number of active/passive server pairs for that application.
  4. On Line 7, click on the Yellow box drop-down and choose your Neverfail Partner classification. Please contact your Neverfail Channel Manager if you don’t know this.
  5. On Line 9, indicate whether this lead has been registered on the Neverfail Partner Extranet and accepted by an authorized Neverfail representative.
  6. Starting at Line 12, click the appropriate Neverfail Application Module/Plug-in for the application you want to protect.
  7. Note: Please configure each Neverfail application pair separately. For instance, after you have completed the configuration for all of the Exchange servers and add-on modules/plug-ins below, click Save Quote Information before you move to the next application module/plug-in (for example, SQL Server).

  8. Starting at Line 25, click the drop-down to add the optional Low Bandwidth Module, Data Rollback Module, or both.
  9. Starting at Line 28, click the drop-down to add any optional Application Module Extensions (AMX)/Plug-ins for a peripheral application like Exchange-integrated antivirus or fax software that might be installed on the Primary server.
  10. After you have configured the first Neverfail pair, click on Step 2 – Save Quote Information .
  11. Repeat this process for each server pair. You do not need to click 'Start New Quote' unless you want to start over completely with a new configuration.
  12. After you have saved all of the Neverfail server pair configurations, click on the Partner Quote tab to see a quote that shows list pricing and Partner’s Net Cost. You can also click on the Customer Quote tab to see a sample customer quote.
  13. IMPORTANT:  Do not send the pricing configurator tool to the customer.  Always paste the quote into a separate spreadsheet so you do not share the formulas and pricelists that are included in later sections of the pricing configurator tool.

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