What Neverfail Needs to Know to Forecast Sales and Update a Forecast



This Knowledgebase article provides the information needed by Neverfail to forecast a sale and to update a sales forecast.

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To forecast sales accurately, Neverfail needs the following information from partners:

  1. Number of server pairs
  2. Applications to be protected
  3. Time Frame
  4. Next step

Once a sales forecast has been made, Neverfail needs the following information to update that sales forecast:

  1. Is it budgeted? If so, for when?
  2. Who are the competitors involved?
  3. What does the buying process look like?
  4. Who needs to be involved?
  5. Who makes the decision?
  6. Why do they need to do it now?
  7. What remains to be done before the sale closes?
  8. What can we do to help?
  9. What are the obstacles to closing the sale?

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