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This Knowledgebase article describes the process of conducting a vulnerability assessment with a client.

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The biggest obstacle faced while selling High Availability/Disaster Recovery is project priority. High Availability/Disaster Recovery can be viewed as insurance until a problem occurs, a critical system goes down, or something/someone mandates it.


Vulnerability or Risk assessments help the customer define:

  1. What processes are critical to their business?
  2. What applications, data, and people are critical to driving that process?

To conduct a vulnerability assessment you need to get the customer involved.

  • The vulnerability assessment is customer driven with answers coming from their own assessment.
  • The vulnerability assessment must be far reaching within an organization to get an assessment that comes from everyone touched by the processes.

Guide the vulnerability assessment by asking key questions of the client to identify who is affected, and the cost to the business in both time and revenue to recover from a loss of business continuity or disaster.

Neverfail assists in this process by providing the Neverfail Risk Assessment Tool on the Neverfail web site.

The result is a project plan that the customer themselves identified and created.  This assessment explains what is critical to their business, how they will be impacted by downtime, and what types or levels of solutions are available to address each process.

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