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Closing software sales is a much different selling endeavor than closing hardware sales. Software sales are technical in nature, logical in description, and abstract in application whereas h ardware sales involve providing ‘feeds and speeds’, typically technical data to describe the major component along with speed and accuracy features, to show value versus performance.


When closing Neverfail, remember the following five points:

  • Discover the prospect’s pain and make recommendations that solve the problems. Start with questions about how the prospect defines High Availability and/or Disaster Recovery for his/her business. Determine what is in place now and where the critical business issues reside.
  • Don’t lead or sell on price – present your solution and explain how it solves the problem at hand. Customers will pay for solutions.
  • Ensure your prospect’s questions are addressed and answered in detail. The more information you can provide in presentations and demonstrations, the more credibility you build for yourself and Neverfail products.
  • Highlight the maintenance and support features that Neverfail offers. Onsite installation, SCOPE analysis, one year of updates and patches, etc., and how these services are bundled to provide worry-free usage.
  • Software purchases typically require a substantial investment in time and resources. There is a learning curve involved with mastering any application. Hardware is usually upgraded every couple of years, whereas software may be used for many years doing the same application.

Keeping these points in mind when closing a Neverfail sale will assist you in being successful.

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