Changes to the Services Configuration Via Service Control Manager Require a Reboot of the Passive Server



This Knowledgebase article details a known issue that occurs when changes are made to the service configuration via the Service Control Manager.

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Changes to the services configuration made via the Service Control Manager (e.g. Log On settings) are saved in registry keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\<Service_Short_Name>.

The ControlSet hive gets loaded into memory; therefore, in an environment protected by Neverfail, changes made via the registry replication will not be seen until the passive server is rebooted.

Note: After making any changes to the services configuration, you must reboot passive server.

To avoid any misbehavior, please follow the Neverfail recommended procedure to restart a server protected by Neverfail. Knowledgebase article #443 - 'How to Restart the Secondary (passive) Server' details the steps of the recommended procedure to restart the passive server'.

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