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This Knowledgebase article is one of a series of articles linked to from Knowledgebase article #4 - 'Products and Versions' that explains the various releases of Neverfail software.

Please note that there are 2 similar utilities:

  • The Exchange (2000 and 2003) Filter Discovery Utility that is to be run from time to time and is long-term available for download.
  • This one, the Exchange (2007) Filter Discovery Utility, which is only relevant for the 64-bit variant of version 5.1.0 of Neverfail for Exchange. This replaces a component that is part of the version 5.1.0 kit and is/was only available briefly in 2007 during the currency of version 5.1.0.

More Information

The following table explains the versions of this utility. There is a sister article, Knowledgebase article #1162 - 'Explanation of the Exchange (2007) Filter Discovery Utility' that explains the full purpose of this utility and how to use it.

Version Article Explaining Contents Operates with these versions of Neverfail for Exchange Available from Available until Supported Until
2007-03-27 (64 bit only) KB 1163 Version 5.0.1 only 2007-03-27 2007-05-23 2007-05-23

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