How to Update the Neverfail Heartbeat Configuration after Changing the Domain Administrator Password



How to Login to Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client on the Active Server Using a New Administrator Password

Perform the following steps on the active server to cause Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client to begin using the new password for the administrator account:

  1. After changing the Windows administrator password, verify that no other administrator sessions (including remote) are running on the active server.
  2. Log out of Windows.
  3. Log into Windows using the new password. This Windows login causes the new password to be cached as the current user login, and the Management Client accepts the new password when logging in.

How to Update the Administrator Password on the Passive Server

Because a passive server does not have connectivity to the production (public) network, it uses cached credentials to manage Windows user login. Neverfail Heartbeat uses the same mechanism as the active server and verifies the provided credentials against the Windows cached credentials. You will be required to use the old password for Windows login on a passive sever until the cached credentials have been updated on the server.

After completing the procedure above on the active server, confirm that you are able to log into the Neverfail Management Client with the new password, and then perform the following steps to update the password on the passive server(s).

NOTE: During the switchover, protected application services are stopped on the formerly active server and started on the newly active server, which may cause a short downtime for clients. For this reason, you may prefer to perform this procedure outside of normal business hours.
  1. Use the old password to login to the passive server.
  2. Verify that no other administrator sessions are logged in, and disconnect any that are found.
  3. Logout of the passive server from Windows.
  4. Use the new password to login to the Neverfail Management Client on the active server.
  5. Assuming the servers are in sync, switchover to the passive server. After the server assumes the active role, it can contact the Domain Controller(s) to update the credentials.
  6. Login into Windows on the newly active (formally passive) server using the updated administrator account including the new password.
  7. Open the Neverfail Management Client and login using the updated credentials to verify that the password has been updated.
  8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 on the Tertiary server (if in a Trio configuration).
    NOTE: After performing the initial switchover, allow at least 10 minutes to pass before performing a second switchover to allow Exchange to stop correctly. For more information, see Knowledgebase Article #138 How to Perform a Switchback Within the Neverfail Heartbeat for Exchange Environment .

How to Update the Mail Server Password

If alerting is enabled and if the mail server requires authentication, you must perform the following steps to update to the new password via the configuration page:

  1. Log into the Neverfail Management Client.
  2. On the System page, browse to the Configuration tab.
  3. If the Mail server requires authentication checkbox is selected, enter the new password.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat, all versions.

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