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Neverfail Heartbeat V5.1.1 contains routine maintenance fixes for issues identified in Heartbeat versions up to V5.1.0.  BZ 5107 was a direct response to an issue forwarded to Development via the new SR Escalation process.

Component Bugzilla ID Summary
AM Exchange 5065 Microsoft Exchange Speech Engine is not present in start/stop scripts
AM Exchange 5165 *.CHK file filters are not present
AM Exchange 5200 Filter discovery fails on Exchange 2007 EdgeTransport Role
AM IISServer 5079 Changing settings in the discoverFilterIISServer.exe.config file doesn't work as expected
Docs none Update ref guide to V5.1-01
DRM 5123 No data is rolled-back
DRM 5159 Following rollback on Secondary (was Passive), Files/Folders/Registry keys on Primary are not deleted, due to "Unsatisfied Link" errors
DRM 5181 Creating shadow on primary fails
GUI 5114 The Filter Test tool located in the Management Client > Data > Configuration screen doesn't work remotely
Intercep 5256 "Insufficient Resources" error message is displayed in Mgmt Client after restoration of a Shadow, and Kernel interceptor out of resource is present in NFLog
Packet Filter 5145 IP Conflict is obtained after the first Failover and Public NIC cannot connect to the network
Registry 5138 Registry driver leaks paged pool
Setup 5130 Uninstalling the 1303 patch does not finish properly
Setup 5207 After upgrading from v4.7.1(706) to v5.1.1310-x86, the 1310 Setup crashes (unexpected exception)
Setup 5218 Pre-install check (and upgrade) fails due to wrong Heartbeat version when upgrading from 5.1.0(1303) to 5.1.1(1311)
Setup none Updates to exception handling
SR Escalation 5107 Vadump files analyses request
Unknown 5240 RDP connection cannot be dropped
Unknown 5248 “Unrecoverable error in the Neverfail Channel” - Insufficient system resources error

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Neverfail Heartbeat V5.1.1

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