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This Knowledgebase article provides information about Neverfail's Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed and how to use it.

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Neverfail uses RSS as method of delivering important Neverfail news, announcements, and technical notifications to Neverfail Partners.  Neverfail publishes important information on 2 separate feeds.


To use RSS, an RSS reader is required. There are 2 types of RSS readers currently available. The first is a browser based RSS reader that requires access the RSS reader web site and checks for changes.  The second is an application that runs on the user's workstation and typically alerts the user of changes to the feeds. Neverfail does not recommend any particular RSS reader, but we are aware of the following that are available free of charge:

Omea Reader - Application based
Awasu - Application based
Bloglines - Browser based
Google Reader - Browser based
RSS Bandit - Application based
intraVnews - Application based
SharpReader - Application based
Mozilla Thunderbird - Application based
RssReader - Application based

After selecting/installing an RSS reader, subscribe to at least 1 of the Neverfail feeds (listed below).  To do this:

  • If using an application based RSS reader, simply drag, copy and paste, or type the Neverfail feed URL into the RSS reader channel.
  • If using a browser based RSS reader, login to the RSS reader and drag, copy and paste, or type the Neverfail feed URL into the RSS reader channel.

Note:  If using a browser based RSS reader, check for feed updates/changes regularly.

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