How to Add Protection for the Index Catalog with Neverfail for SharePoint


This Knowledgebase article describes procedure to add protection for the Index Catalog with Neverfail for SharePoint.

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From version 2007-04-30 of Neverfail for SharePoint AMX onwards, SharePoint Index Catalog is not protected by default. Indexes use sparse files, which are not supported by Neverfail Heartbeat. Protecting these files will generate “Unprotected feature events for sparse files” warnings in The Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client during a Neverfail Full System Check. Knowledgebase article #409 - 'Unprotected feature events for sparse files generated on Neverfail Heartbeat for SharePoint Servers' details the behavior and for previous versions of the AMX, offers a procedure to remove the filters.

Please note that if the SharePoint Index Catalog is not protected then the following will apply:

  • After a switchover/failover, the index catalog will need to be re-indexed.
  • Re-indexing times will vary based upon the content, amount of SharePoint data, and whether indexing has run on this server before.


To protect the SharePoint Indexes at install time and add the locations to the protected set, please follow steps below:

  1. Shutdown Heartbeat on both servers and make sure it is completely shutdown before proceeding.
  2. On both servers: Open regedit. Start -> Run -> type "regedit" and click Ok .
  3. Browse to the following location:
  4. HKLM\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Prefs\neverfail\current\/Application/Manager

  5. Create a new string value, name it "ProtectContentIndex" and set its value to “true”.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the Neverfail for SharePoint AMX on both servers for the new setting to be used, following the instructions presented in Knowledgebase article #462 - 'How to upgrade or reinstall an Application Module to protect previously unprotected features'.

Once Neverfail for SharePoint has been reinstalled, the Index Catalog locations will be protected and sparse file warnings will be generated.

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Neverfail for SharePoint

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