How to Request a License Key for Neverfail Heartbeat Using SCOPE Data Collector Service V5.3 and Later



This Knowledgebase article provides the procedure for requesting a Neverfail Heartbeat license key using Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service V5.3 and later.

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Once you have purchased a license for your Neverfail product, you must activate the software using a license key. To obtain your license key for Neverfail Heartbeat, you must upload the data output from Neverfail SCOPE to the Neverfail Extranet.

Note : The data must come directly from Neverfail SCOPE (no more than 100 hours old before submitting the request for the license key) and is stored in a .CSV or .CAB file. Neverfail SCOPE reports (XLS) or SCOPE XML files are not valid for this purpose.


After installing Neverfail SCOPE V5.3 or later on both the Primary and Secondary servers and allowing it to run continuously for at least 24-hours:

  1. Locate the file to be uploaded.
    • Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector service v5.3 and later stores the file (<servername><identity><timestamp>.CAB) on the server where you ran Neverfail SCOPE, in the default location at:

      CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA\Neverfail-SCOPE\Data\Candidate For Upload
    • If the default location has been changed, you can locate where the data is being stored, by navigating to Start > All Programs > Neverfail > SCOPE > SCOPE Configuration Tool > Data Files page and looking at the value of the Candidate For Upload parameter or simply by clicking the Locate button in the SCOPE Configuration Tool > General page.
  2. Log onto the Neverfail Extranet.
    • If you are a Neverfail Partner, select Customer Management and then the appropriate customer from the list. Select the appropriate license authorization from the License list and then click Create New Key .
    • If you are a Customer, select Licensing , and then select the appropriate license authorization from the License list, and then click Create New Key .
  3. Use the Browse button to select the <ServerName>-<Identity>-<Date>.cab file(s).
  4. Optionally, you can add a description for the new key or specify an additonal email address where the license key will be sent as well.
  5. Click Next .

    : In some circumstances, you may receive a message regarding the Hardware ID of the Primary server. This is expected; please follow the on screen prompts.
  6. You will now be given an analysis of the server environment. If any recommendations are received at this point, you must click to acknowledge these.
  7. At this point, you should now have a Neverfail Heartbeat software license key. This will be displayed on screen and also sent to the email address you used to log onto the Neverfail Extranet. If an additional address has been specified at step 4, this user will receive the license key as well.

Note : Under some circumstances if your server does not meet the minimum hardware requirements (see Knowledgebase article #968 - Neverfail Heartbeat System Requirements ) for example, you will not be able to obtain a license key.

For further information, please contact your Neverfail Support Representative.

Applies To

Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service v5.3 and Later

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