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Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2.0 features several significant changes with respect to previous versions of Heartbeat:

  • The Application Modules for Exchange, SQL Server and File server have been decoupled from the core kit.  These AMs are x86 / x64 compliant, such that one kit supports both platforms in each case
  • The Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service is now installed by Setup, when Heartbeat is installed.  This change required the introduction of an installation script, ScopeInstaller.vbs, to cope with the install logic for situations where a version of SCOPE may already be installed and running when Heartbeat is installed
  • Setup itself has been changed to improve the way network addresses are allocated for the channel and principal (public) NICs; and the order in which components are installed has changed significantly on the Secondary server.  Because the Packet Filter is now installed early on in the Setup process on the Secondary server, it is possible to complete the installation of Heartbeat without disconnecting any network cables.  Setup now disables the Packet Filter automatically on the channel NICs, removing this manual step.
  • Setup now automatically sets the correct options for the NTBackup restore phase on the Secondary server so it is only necessary to select the correct backup file

In addition to these changes, Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2.0 contains routine maintenance fixes for issues identified in Heartbeat versions up to V5.1.1.

Component Bugzilla ID Summary
AM Excha 5323 IIS Admin and NNTP services are not set to Manual on Secon...
AM SQL S 5344 File Filters not present in NFHB on SQL Server 2005 x64 i...
AMFx 4643 Trying to remove a filter a "Node has been removed" exception is throw
AMX API 3954 Fail script parsing if EndModule action is not found.
AMX Scripts 4346 MailMax AMX causes filters reset to C:\protected after install
Apply 3930 Passive OutOfMemoryError after Active NFChannelExceededMaxDiskUsageException
Apply 4174 ApplyFSException and NF HB Internal Error occurred on a failover
Build 5278 Certificate used in driver signing will expire in June2007
Build 5428 Resource.jar incorrectly includes ../images/*.scc and ../images/*.vcproj files
Build none Removed apply's unnecessary dependency on cascade's VB components.
Build none Setup changes to install SCOPE
CommsMgr 4659 When shutting down as part of a system shutdown Comms should not drain the unsafe queue.
CommsMgr none WAN simulation code to reproduce bug 5355
Controll 5478 Controller does restart when handling NonContinuableEvent even if in Stopped state.
Controller 1434 stop progress dialog / event scope problem
Controller 3279 Controller - No stack trace from certain exceptions.
Controller 5050 HB Stuck during Shutdown
Docs none Tim rebuilt the online help for Management Client.  All links to be retested.
Docs none Tim tweaked Amonlinehelp for System attributes screen.
Documentation none Updated ref guide
Documentation none Updated ref guide.  Added Installation Checklist, Minor changes to online help content.
DRM 5100 Rollback to shadow copy on secondary/passive hangs at registry key MSDTC
DRM 5183 Registry permissions preventing Transport service to be started.
DRM none Added warning about closing clients to rollback confirmation
GUI 3427 Registry and File system status after the channel disconnected
GUI 4854 Our tray icon show incorrect information if Windows Explorer crashes or is killed
GUI 5128 NFStartupApp leaks handles at rate of 2 per second
GUI 5287 Spelling mistakes in messages about channel IP configuration during Heartbeat installation on the primary
GUI 5352 GUI - Log - Event properties window : text is not fully v...
License none Hide the "internal" options
License none Added "Replicator" as feature no.20.
Manager 3428 in accurate information in the messages
Manager 5356 Terrible punctuation in yellow alert pop up
Registry 5260 HookRegistryDriver is logging errors in System Event Log
RFE 4026 RFE regarding the not protectable drives signaling
RFE 4832 RFE in current use of Timer and TimerTask classes.
RFE 5233 Neverfail Log entries which should appear in the Application Logs.
Services 3374 No message if tooltray menu fails to start nfserverr2
Setup 3233 Unable to specify a backup file folder
Setup 3311 Useful if there was a standalone exe to parse an AMX script (dev/testing)
Setup 3681 Shortcut for the uninstall should change
Setup 4502 Record the version of NFsetup in NfSetupAuditLog
Setup 4519 Setup: Changes to allow unbundling of Exch, FS and SQL AMs
Setup 4642 NF setup crashes at ReadRegVal when it reads from strings containing too much data
Setup 4645 PreInstall fails if it cannot locate AMX script and the only option is Exit
Setup 4647 NF setup crashes on WriteRegVal called with an empty string for the key argument
Setup 4655 Nfsetupauditlog should show if the end-user has selected to add protected data to backup
Setup 4844 Client Setup cannot continue after clicking Back, in the Pre-Install Checks dialog
Setup 4846 RFE Setup API: 'Next' after install doesn't get enabled if AddApplication is called with unsupported characters
Setup 4907 Setup doesn't handle badly formed AMX scripts very well
Setup 4909 Setup terminates with application error if an empty file is used as amx during install
Setup 5040 Pre-populate NTbackup restore options
Setup 5096 Uninstall - the process encountered errors and could not complete successfully
Setup 5168 setup fails if "!" is used in the program installation path
Setup 5301 Setup must support different HAL types
Setup 5309 Patching from V 5.1 to V 5.2 is not working
Setup 5324 Public adapter screen in Setup doesn't offer information ...
Setup 5325 In Microsoft Windows Backup Restore screen it is mentione...
Setup 5340 Incorrect behavior if non-numeric chars are entered in Cl...
Setup 5351 Service pack install fails on client due to unnecessary e...
Setup 5388 Small misspelling  error in PreInstall Checks screen when an invalid character is used in an AMX
Setup 5404 HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\System\000*\Control loose the Permission after restore
Setup 5412 The pop up dialog on the secondary public NIC configuration page should be a warning not an error
Setup 5433 Typo in nfsetupauditlog
Setup 5434 If FileServer, Exchange or SQL are installed as AMXs choosing their path form another location, .vbs files are not visible
Setup 5494 Applying the Service Pack makes most of the network protocols disappear from both network cards
Setup none Setup changes to install SCOPE
Setup none P028 phase 2 - Implementation Improvements project.  Improve installation and cloning.
Setup none Extra logging for 5417.
Setup/Scope none Using latest version of scope (4.02.0011) with fixes for 5395, 5392, 5390, 5364, 5363, 5366, 5365, 5283, 5129, 5330, 5332, 5402, 5406, 5471, 5330, 5454,4554, 5427, 4355, 5474, 5483.
Unknown 1559 terminology inconsistency: exit versus shutdown versus quit
Unknown 1782 file/registry state manager and controller behavior on failover
Unknown 3283 No alert when filter includes nonexistent drive??
Unknown 3317 request to improve shutdown of Heartbeat
Unknown 4431 When reinstalling SQL AM, AMX Enabler is needed if not already present in the license in order to be able to proceed
Unknown 4503 the small matter of the trailing backslash ...
Unknown 5450 Typo in NFLog.txt output from com.neverfail.license.Validator

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Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2.0

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