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Release Notes for:

  • Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2.1

New Features

The following new features were added to this release.

Replicator - A limited function version of Neverfail Heartbeat, which provides the following capabilities:

  • File replication
  • Server monitoring and failover (heartbeat)
  • Manual switchover/switchback
  • Data compression
  • Seamless sync back to primary
  • Ability to upgrade from Neverfail Replicator to Neverfail Heartbeat

Different HAL versions on the Primary and Secondary are supported starting with Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2

Changed Features

The following features are unavailable when this version is installed with a Neverfail Replicator license.

  • Continuous Availability for business critical applications
  • Registry replication
  • Network monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Automatic file filter detection (must manually define file filters)
  • Automated failover scripts (must manually define scripts)
  • Data rollback

Issues Fixed


Known Issues

Neverfail Replicator does not permit the installation of Neverfail AM(X)s and as such, during installation the following behaviors may be seen depending on configuration of the server at install time:

  1. Applications installed on the Primary server in the default Program Files location will be available on the Secondary server after the restore to the Secondary server.
  2. Applications installed on the Primary server in a location other than the default Program Files location will have registry configuration entries, in particular those for application services, but the service executables will not be available thereby causing errors to be logged.

Service states will be set to automatic on both sides after the restore and in the case of configuration (1) above, services will start on both servers. In the case of configuration (2) above, errors will occur.

Supporting Documentation

Technical Documents supporting this version of Neverfail Heartbeat are contained in Knowledgebase article #1263 - 'V5.2[.n] Neverfail Heartbeat Technical Documentation'.

Installation Information

Installation instructions are found in Neverfail Heartbeat and Neverfail Replicator - Technical Documentation - Reference Guide V5.2 .

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2.1

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