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This Knowledgebase article provides guidance on sales positioning and strategy for the Neverfail Replicator product.

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Sales Positioning & Strategy

When positioning Neverfail as one of the tools in your sales toolbox, do not lead with Neverfail Replicator.

Always ensure that you qualify your customer as to their requirements.

  • What are they interested in?
    • Are they interested in “Just” Data Protection or do they care about Availability?
    • 95% of the time the customer will answer “Availability”, otherwise they wouldn’t even be in the market and would probably be happy with simple backups. This gives you a natural point to start positioning Neverfail’s Continuous Availability products.

Neverfail Replicator

  • Should be sold as a last option – do not lead with it.
  • One of Replicator’s primary purposes is to give you credibility to position against lower end Replication-Failover products and to sell Neverfail’s higher value, higher priced, and higher margin Continuous Availability Suite. If asked about Replication-Failover products, you might say:

“We have a product that does what “competitive product XXX” does, let me tell you the short comings of ‘these types’ of Replication–Failover products and why you might want to take a look at our Continuous Availability suite.”

  • If you have educated them thoroughly on why Continuous Availability is superior to Replication-Failover, and still all the customer wants is Data Replication-Failover, then sell it to them!

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