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Neverfail for Exchange is a Plug-in for Neverfail Heartbeat that provides automatic configuration and protection for the Microsoft Exchange environment. The Neverfail for Exchange Plug-in protects all Exchange related services; configuration information, Exchange mail stores and logs, monitors performance and application availability.

More Information

How to Upgrade to the latest Exchange Plug-in via the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client

See Knowledgebase Article #1861 How to Upgrade Neverfail Plug-ins

Exchange Plug-in Configuration

The Exchange Plug-in provides the following configuration options:

  • Protect catalogue data (Default Disabled)
  • Neverfail does not recommend protecting these files, because they may contain the unsupported file system feature Sparse Files
  • Protect Message Tracking Logs (Default Disabled)
  • Exchange’s message tracking logs help diagnose message delivery problems
  • Only enable this setting if Exchange message track logging is enabled, and the log files require protection
  • Extensive Logging (Default Disabled)
  • Provides verbose debug logging for the Exchange Filter Discovery task
  • Enable this when there are problems detecting changes to protected data

Configuring Rules

To configure or modify these rules, follow the steps below:

  1. Using the Management Client, click Application > Rules .
  2. Select the rule to configure or modify.
  3. Click Edit at the top of the Rules panel.
  4. Configure/modify the following fields:
  • Condition — the condition being evaluated
  • Duration — the length of time the condition exists
  • First Failure — action to take upon first failure
  • Second Failure — action to take upon second failure
  • Third Failure — action to take upon third failure
  1. Click OK to save the changes.
NOTE: This dialog is also used to Enable/Disable the selected rule.

Automatic Filter Discovery

This Plug-in provides automatic filter discovery Tasks to protect newly created or modified mail stores and storage groups. By default, Automatic Filter Discovery runs every 2 minutes and is configurable. To configure or modify these Tasks, perform the following steps:

  1. Using the Management Client, click Application > Tasks .
  2. Select the Task to configure or modify.
  3. Click Edit at the top of the Tasks panel
  4. Configure or modify the Interval field.
  5. NOTE: Interval is the only field available for configuration and modification, and is measured in seconds (secs).
  6. Click OK to save the changes.
  7. NOTE: Use this dialog to Enable or Disable the selected Task .

Supported and Unsupported Information

For general advice, see Knowledgebase Article #1396 Neverfail for Exchange Plug-in - Feature List for what is supported by the Exchange Plug-in. For specific information, see the Release Notes for the particular version of the Exchange Plug-in.

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