How to Schedule a Periodic Test Email Alert



This Knowledgebase article provides information about two methods that can be used to direct Neverfail Heartbeat to send periodic test email alerts.

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Neverfail Heartbeat provides the ability to test the email alert reporting function by sending a test email alert using the 'Test Alert Reporting' button located by navigating to the 'Reporting' tab of the 'Alerts' screen in the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client and clicking on the Test Alert Reporting button.

If desired, the administrator can schedule a periodic task to ensure emails sent by Neverfail Heartbeat are correctly routed. To schedule the periodic task, perform the following steps:


Option 1:

Use the system scheduler (schedule the desired frequency) to schedule execution of the following command:

C:\Neverfail\R2\bin\nfcmd localhost FireTestAlertEvent

Option 2:

Use Neverfail Heartbeat's 'Mail log file' functionality to email the log files either daily or weekly to verify the routing of Neverfail Heartbeat emails.  To configure this feature, navigate to Log -> Configuration in the Management Client and in the 'Mail log file' pane, configure the day, time, and destination email address.

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