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This Knowledgebase article provides an overview of the Neverfail Application Module eXtension (AMX) for McAfee GroupShield for Microsoft Exchange identifying the features and benefits of this product. Additional detailed information is contained in Knowledgebase article #657 - 'McAfee GroupShield for Exchange - Application Module eXtension – Feature List'.

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There is a sister article ( Knowledgebase article #549 - 'McAfee GroupShield for Exchange – Application Module eXtension – Versions') that lists all of the current and supported versions of the AMX and the versions of related supported software.

McAfee GroupShield for Exchange is a mail scanning solution for Microsoft Exchange servers. The AM(X) protects all the McAfee services, the registry and the configuration information.

Please take care to distinguish between McAfee GroupShield for Lotus Domino (see Knowledgebase article #874 - 'McAfee GroupShield for Lotus Domino – Application Module eXtension – Feature List') and McAfee GroupShield for Exchange (this article).

The AM(X) does not protect the following application features or components:

  • The DAT Files (virus definitions) are not replicated because of the potential presence of McAfee(R) VirusScan(R) Enterprise (File Level Anti Virus product). A management IP on the passive server will be required to enable these updates to take place. Please consult the product’s ReadMe.txt file for installation instructions.
  • From version 2007-01-26 of the AM(X) onwards the McAfee debug log is no longer protected.

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