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This Knowledgebase article provides a detailed list of the protection offered by Neverfail Replicator. Additional information about the current and supported versions of Neverfail Replicator may be found in Knowledgebase article #529 - 'Versions of Neverfail Heartbeat'. There are links from that article to other articles that explain the unique features of each version.

More Information

Neverfail Replicator is a functionally limited version of Neverfail Heartbeat designed to provide data replication and failover for non-critical servers.

Protection Provided

Neverfail Replicator provides file replication, server monitoring, failover, switchover, switchback, data compression, and seamless sync back to the Primary server. Neverfail provides a simple upgrade path to add full Neverfail Heartbeat capabilities.

Automatic Filter Discovery

This product does not provide a filter discovery component.

Unsupported Components or Features

Neverfail Replicator does not provide the following components or features:

  • Registry replication
  • Network monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Automatic file filter detection
  • Automated failover scripts
  • Data rollback

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