Some Plug-in Rule Parameter Values Must be Set from Established Base Lines



This Knowledgebase article provides information about setting values for Neverfail Plug-in rules.

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Rules are used to define operating parameters for application components of a protected application. The threshold levels defined in a rule provide upper and lower limits that are considered acceptable for optimum operations. Neverfail Plug-ins provide default values for many rule parameters and enables those rules at install time. For other rules, Neverfail sets the value to "0" and disables the rule at install time.

Neverfail sets some rules to a default value of "0" and disabled to allow the user to define the parameters as those rules are directly affected by application load, user load, hardware, and .etc.

Neverfail recommends that the user create a base line to determine the acceptable parameters for those rules. Use of Neverfail SCOPE and Perfmon to assist in establishing such a base line is recommended.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat V5.3.0 and Later

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