How to Change the Location of Exchange Transactional Logs When Neverfail for Exchange Plug-in is Installed



This Knowledgebase article provides the procedure to change the location of Microsoft Exchange Transactional logs when Neverfail for Exchange Plug-in is installed.

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After changing the location of the Transactional logs via Exchange System Manager, Neverfail for Exchange Plug-in will discover and protect the new location of the Transactional logs but Exchange will not use the new Transactional log location until Exchange is restarted.

If Neverfail Heartbeat is restarted without restarting Exchange, the old Transactional log location will no longer be protected and Exchange will log to the old Transactional log location.

To ensure that the new Transactional log location is protected, Neverfail Heartbeat must be shutdown opting to stop protected applications and then both the applications and Neverfail Heartbeat must be restarted.

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Neverfail for Exchange Plug-in

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