Heartbeat LogCollector Utility V1.7.24 - Release Notes



This Knowledgebase article describes the changes to the Heartbeat LogCollector Utility V1.7.24.

More Information

The Heartbeat LogCollector is used by Neverfail to gather logs for use in maintenance and troubleshooting when possible issues are encountered with Neverfail.

Release Notes for:

  • Heartbeat LogCollector V1.7.24

New Features

  • Heartbeat LogCollector will collect SCOPE logs.

  • Heartbeat Logcollector will collect the nfsetupauditlogsecprerestore.txt file.

  • Heartbeat Logcollector will collect the DrWatson log files.

  • Heartbeat Logcollector will gather ipconfig data and route list.

  • Heartbeat Logcollector will c ollect all nfsetupauditlog files present.

  • Heartbeat Logcollector will collect the boot.ini file.

  • Heartbeat Logcollector will collect the wmi logs.

  • Heartbeat Logcollector will collect the PowerShell logs.

Changed Features

  • Heartbeat LogCollector will now convert eventlog.sav into CSV format.
  • Heartbeat Logcollector will collect system logs even if Neverfail is not installed.
  • Heartbeat Logcollector will force SCOPE to read the server configuration before the logs are gathered.

Issues Fixed

  • Typos in LogCollector output.

  • The Secondary logs collection may hang indefinitely if Heartbeat is installed only on the Primary server.

Known Issues

  • None

Applies To

Heartbeat LogCollector V1.7.24

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