File Filters Effective State Values in the Neverfail Log in V5.3 and Later



This Knowledgebase article provides information about the Effective State of File Filters shown in the Neverfail log file.

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Within the Neverfail log file, there exists a list titled 'AMFramework.InclusionFilters' which contains the Effective State of the various Inclusion File Filters.  The Effective State flag will contain one of the following values:

ESUnset = 0
ESEffective = 1
ESVetoed = 2
ESCovered = 3
ESNotSubsetOfInclusion = 4
ESInvalid = 5
ESDisabled = 6

Note: ES stands for 'Effective State'

Additionally, there exists a list titled 'AMFramework.VetoedFileFilters'. This list contains all File Filters that will be vetoed in the event they are added as an 'Inclusion File Filter'.  This list is not visible in the Management Client but are present to be checked against.  This list is created each time Neverfail Heartbeat is started.  The 'Effective State' flag on entries in this list will always be set to '0'.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat V5.3 and later

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