Neverfail Heartbeat V5.3.4 - Release Notes



This Knowledgebase article provides information about Neverfail Heartbeat and Replicator V5.3.4.

Supporting Documentation

Technical Documents supporting this version of Neverfail Heartbeat are contained in Knowledgebase article #1280 - 'V5.3[.n] Neverfail Heartbeat Technical Documentation'.

New Features

  • None

Changed Features

  • None

Fixed Issues

  • A data integrity issue handling write-through or non-cached writes to a share.
  • A possible loss of replication data in a file server scenario.

Known Issues

The following are known issues in Neverfail Heartbeat and Replicator V5.3.4.

  1. Environment and Configuration Limitations
    • In Neverfail Heartbeat V5.3.4, some existing Application Modules (AM)s and Application Module eXtensions (AM(X)s) have been superseded by Application Framework Plug-ins. Only the plug-ins and Application Modules provided on the 'Products / Downloads' page of the Neverfail Extranet should be used.
  2. Installation Issues

    • None

  3. Operational Issues
    • The Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client will not connect until Neverfail Heartbeat has initialized.  Users should wait 10 seconds after starting Neverfail Heartbeat before attempting to connect.
  4. Uninstall/Reinstall
    • On uninstall, you may be asked to delete the root folder of the Neverfail Heartbeat installation (by default, C:\Neverfail).  This folder is in use by Neverfail SCOPE and can be uninstalled by uninstalling SCOPE.

Installation Information

Installation instructions are found in Neverfail Heartbeat and Neverfail Replicator - Technical Documentation - Reference Guide V5.3-Rev4 .

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat and Replicator V5.3.4

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