Microsoft Exchange MTA Fails to Start if the MTA Data Location is Changed After Installing Neverfail for Exchange



This Knowledgebase article details a known issue that occurs when the MTA data location is changed post Neverfail for Exchange installation.

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Following a switchover, the Microsoft Exchange MTA does not start on the Secondary/active server and the message below can be found in the application event log:

"An unexpected error has occurred which may cause the MTA to terminate.  Error: Queue-Desc-Object (ID 1) not found"


If the MTA data location is changed after Neverfail for Exchange is installed, the new registry information will be replicated to the Secondary server. Since the information stored in the Secondary server's registry was loaded at boot time, the information in memory will be the old information.  Upon switchover, the Secondary server will read the old registry information and the MTA data will not be found and therefore will prevent the Microsoft Exchange MTA service from starting.


  1. If a switchover has already been initiated and the Secondary server is active, click the Switchover button again to have the pair switch back.
  2. While Primary server is active and both servers are synchronized, stop Neverfail Heartbeat on the Secondary server.
  3. Reboot the Secondary server.
  4. Start Neverfail Heartbeat on the Primary server.
  5. Click on the Switchover button to perform a switchover to the Secondary server.

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Neverfail for Exchange

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