VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat - How to Check the VMware Channel Status



The VMware Channel is the key communications link between the Primary and Secondary servers and allows for replication of updates from the active server to the passive server.  As such, the status of the channel is important and knowing how to check it will assist you in maintaining your vCenter Server Heartbeat system and troubleshooting potential problems.

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Checking the status of the VMware Channel should be a routine maintenance task and helps identify potential problems in the event of a failover.


For an overview of channel status, open the vCenter Server Heartbeat Console and navigate to the Data: Traffic/Queues page. The graphic on the screen indicates whether the channel is connected between the active and passive servers and provides an overview of pair status.


The Data: Traffic/Queues page of the vCenter Server Heartbeat Console provides a graphic visual status of the VMware Channel in addition to the detailed view of the send queue and receive queue in the lower pane of the page. Select either Primary or Secondary to view the queue status.

Detail of the VMware Channel is provided and can be viewed  in the lower pane by selecting the P > S tab when the Primary server is active or S > P when the Secondary server is active.

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VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat 6.3 and later

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