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When VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat is implemented in either a WAN (differing active and passive Principal (Public) IP addresses) or with vCenter Server and the License Server running on the same server, vCenter Server must be able to locate the Licensing Server. If an IP address is used to specify the License Server, after a switchover / failover, vCenter will fail to find the License Server. This happens because the IP address value, which is replicated to the passive server, will specify the License Server location from the previously active (now passive server) and not the current active server location. To prevent this from occurring, use the following methods to specify the License Server to be used by vCenter Server:

  • Specify that the License Server uses the licensing services running on the same machine as vCenter Server
  • Use the server's fully qualified domain name (for example: server.acme.com)
  • Use 'localhost' for Licensing Server's name

Failure to use the methods listed above will cause vCenter Server to be unable to locate the License Server.

To verify that vCenter Server can locate the License Server, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Virtual Infrastructure Client.
  2. Navigate to Administration -> VirtualCenter Management Server Configuration -> License Server .
  3. Verify that a License Server location is set using one of the following methods:
    • Use license services on this vCenter Server
    • Fully qualified domain name
    • Localhost

Applies To

vCenter Server Heartbeat V5.5 and Later

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