How to Repeat the Backup Process When Installing Neverfail Heartbeat V6.0 on Windows Server 2008



This knowledgebase article describes the procedure to repeat the backup process as part of the installation of Neverfail Heartbeat V6.0 on Windows Server 2008.

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When installing Neverfail Heartbeat V6.0 on a Windows 2008 server, where the Secondary server is not a clone of the Primary server, you are required to enter a network share location, username, and password for the target location to hold the full backup of the Primary server.

If the backup process fails, you can repeat the backup process by selecting the Proceed button. However, if it is necessary to start a new backup to a different network share location or use a different username and password, it is not possible to continue.

The following instructions provide a procedure for repeating the backup with different information, and thus allowing the installation to continue.


When the backup fails, you will be presented with an error pop-up window.  Do not acknowledge the pop-up window at this time.  The Report section of the setup window will describe the reason for the failure.

If this cannot be overcome using the same parameters entered, then you can use the following procedure to initiate the backup again.

  1. Locate the installation audit log file normally found at C:\ProgramData\nfsetupauditlog.txt.
  2. Open the audit log file with notepad and find, near the end, a line similar to the following:

    [SETUP EXECUTION] ********* START OF OUTPUTREADER THREAD FOR : start backup -backupTarget:"\\\d$\Backup" -include:C: -allCritical -user:administrator -password: #### -quiet

  3. Open a command prompt to run the wbadmin command manually.

    Note: You can copy/paste the command from the installation audit log file and edit it as required. The “wbadmin” command will need to be added to the start of the command.
    For example:

    wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:"\\\d$\Backup" -include:C: -allCritical -user:administrator -password:password

    Where the destination for the backup files is the parameter for –backupTarget enclosed in double-quotes, and
    the username and password are substituted into the command as shown above.  See the notes below regarding selecting the correct username.
  4. Allow the backup to run to completion.
  5. Return to the Neverfail Heartbeat setup window, acknowledge the error pop-up window, and proceed normally.

Additional notes:

  1. The user name and password specified in the wbadmin command should be the credentials required to write to the network share.  However, it is preferable to use Windows Explorer to access the share and to specify the username and password to gain access first using this method.  Once this has been done, the parameters –user and –password can be omitted.

    If the destination network share allows full access to all users or anonymous users, then the parameters –user and –password should be omitted.
  2. Using the above method may require more disk space than using the standard method.

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Neverfail Heartbeat V6.0 on Windows Server 2008

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