UAC on Windows Server 2008 Blocks Adding Servers to Cluster



This Knowledgebase article provides information about User Access Control issues encountered when installing Neverfail Heartbeat on Windows Server 2008.

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Following a new installation of Neverfail Heartbeat on a system running Windows Server 2008, subsequent attempts to add the IP address of another server and connect to it result in an error message.


After installing Neverfail Heartbeat and adding a new server to the Cluster (during the same session in which the installation was performed), the new server IP address appears as expected and it seems possible to connect to it. However, when you log in to the new server, the Overview window appears minimized in one corner of the screen. When maximized, the window is blank and nonfunctional.  When you close the session, the server IP is not saved and the following error message is displayed:

Failed to save server configuration
Changes will not be saved


UAC blocks completion of the process necessary to add the server to the Cluster.


Disable UAC before performing the installation of Neverfail Heartbeat.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat version 6.0 installed on Windows Server 2008

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