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This Knowledgebase article provides information about Neverfail vAppHA V6.1.

Supporting Documentation

Technical documents supporting this version of vAppHA are contained in Knowledgebase article #1838 - Technical Documentation - Neverfail  vAppHA V6.1[.n] .

Supported Virtual Platforms and Technologies

VMware vSphere 4.0

  • ESX 4 and ESX 4i
  • vCenter 4.0
  • VMware FT, HA, VMotion and DRS

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 2003 SP2 x86 and x64
  • Windows 2003 R2 x86 and x64
  • Windows 2008 SP2 x86 and x64

Network Requirements

  • VMs running vAppHA must be on the same subnet as vCenter

New Features

VMware Adaptor

  1. Fault Tolerance (FT) Availability Check (enabled by default)
  2. High Availability (HA) Check (enabled by default)
  3. vCenter Availability Check (enabled by default)
  4. Service Protection
    • VMTools
  5. Rule Actions are available to application plug-ins installed with vAppHA; when the rule action triggers, the event is logged in vCenter
    • VMRestart
    • VMotion
    • VMotion and Restart Applicatio

VMotion Targets

  1. A destination target host. This is the ESX host name or the IP address.
  2. A Resource Pool as the VMotion destination.

Neverfail vAppHA Foundation

Provides the foundation for protecting any virtualized applications; Neverfail provide “starter” plug-ins that deliver service monitoring, server and application performance monitoring for the following:

  • System Plug-in
  • System Performance Monitoring Rules
  • IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0
  • Web Site Availability Check
  • Web Site Response Time Check
  • Windows File Server 2003 and 2008
  • File Server Performance Monitoring

Neverfail vAppHA for Application Plug-inp

vAppHA can be deployed in production with the following application versions:

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1.6 MR7 and 5.0 MR3
  • Exchange 2007 SP2 and Exchange 2010
    • ForeFront for Exchange
    • Sophos PureMessage for Exchange
    • TrendScan Mail for Exchange
    • Symantec for Exchange
  • IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0
  • Lotus Domino 8.0.2
  • SQL Server 2005 SP3 and SQL Server 2008 SP1
  • SharePoint Server 2003 SP2 and 2007 SP2
  • Windows File Server 2003 and 2008

All other Neverfail plug-ins, or application versions that have not been listed are compatible with vAppHA but are not currently approved for deployment in production environments.

Changed Features

None, this is the first release

Fixed Issues

None, this is the first release

Known Issues

The following are known issues in Neverfail vAppHA V6.1.

  1. Environment
    • Clusters containing a mix of ESX 4.0, ESX 3.x
      • Untested at EAR, vAppHA should not be deployed in a live production environment if the Cluster contains ESX 3.x
  2. Installation Issues
    • Application Plug-ins can be installed post install but this is only possible from a local management client running on the VM
  3. Configuration Issues
    • If ESX 4i Lock Down is used
      • This should not include the user account used by VMAdaptor
  4. Operational Issues
    • Repeated VM Restarts
      • vAppHA will not trigger VMRestarts within 30 mins of a previous VM Restart Action. vCenter time is used to determine whether another restart should occur.
      • If the VM time is more than 30 mins behind the time on vCenter then the server may restart again if a rule fails.
    • VMotion Rule action does not result in a VMotion to a new ESX Host
      • If the specified Resource Pool contains the ESX Host that vAppHA is currently running on then DRS will not request a VMotion.
      • VMadaptor does not warn the user if they configure vAppHA in this way.
    • VMotionAndRestartApplications
      • The message logged does not mention the application restart ‘Finished in t ms with status Migrate VM task’
    • VMotion Rule action fails with an unspecified target error
      • If the Target Host and Resource Pool are left empty
    • Clusters must not contain multiple VMs with the same windows host name
      • Even if the duplicates are in the powered off state
    • Alert events
      • Alerts will state the server host name twice and the role as Active.
    • Time trial license expiry
      • If the license expires, when the application is in the stopped state, then this will cause vAppHA to the remove service protection when upon restart.
      • Ensure that the application is in the started state before restarting vAppHA.
    • The System Tray Icon references Primary and Active server
      • The following states appear next to the tray icon P/- or P/A
  5. Management
    • The vAppHA Management Client Online Help
      • Includes pre screen shots from the Beta version
    • Alerts Panel contains alerts relevant to the Neverfail Heartbeat product
      • Alerts for Switch Over, Fail Over, Full System Check etc are not relevant for vAppHA deployments
  6. Uninstall/Reinstall
    • vAppHA appears as "Neverfail Heartbeat" in Add/Remove Programs
    • Uninstall will not remove the Neverfail Folder from the Start Menu

Installation Information

Reference Guide for Neverfail vAppHA V6.1 contains installation instructions.

Applies To

Neverfail vAppHA V6.1

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