How to Obtain the List of Trusted Clients on a Server Protected by Neverfail



This Knowledgebase article contains the procedure that can be followed to obtain the list of Neverfail Trusted Clients usinf nfclient.

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A 'trusted client' in Neverfail Heartbeat is a client that can issue Neverfail commands without prior authentication. When Neverfail Heartbeat is installed, two trusted clients are added: the User Heartbeat was installed under (with local or domain administrator rights) and the System account. Both these clients will be trusted only for the loopback IP (localhost or

To find out which are the currently trusted users, you may use the following procedure (this should not be sent to customers):

  1. Open a cmd and browse to <Neverfail_installation_folder>\R2\bin.
  2. Type nfclient.
  3. You will be prompted for a user name / password – if you aren’t logged in Windows using the same account used to install Neverfail Heartbeat.
  4. Type doSaveConfig c:\trustedclients.txt *.
  5. Once you get the “OK” you may leave the NFClient by typing bye.
  6. Browse to the location you saved the file (c:\trustedclients.txt), change the file extension to .xml and open the file:
    1. Search for "trusted" as a keyword.
    2. In the 'trusted' section, you will find listed all the trusted clients, with their trusted IP addresses.

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