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This Knowledgebase article provides information about this specific release of Neverfail Heartbeat v6.5.1.

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Supporting Documentation

Technical Documents supporting this version of Neverfail Heartbeat are contained in Knowledgebase article #2068 - v 6.5.0 Neverfail Heartbeat and Neverfail Replicator - Technical Documentation .

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Server 2003 x86 and x64 Standard / Enterprise / R2 with SP1 or SP2
  • Windows Server 2008 x 86 and x64 Standard / Enterprise  with SP1 or SP2
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Standard / Enterprise / Datacenter

Note: Neverfail Heartbeat supports installation on German and Japanese language operating systems.

Supported Virtualization Platforms

  • Virtual Machines running on Microsoft's Hyper-V
  • Virtual Machines running on VMware's ESX
  • Virtual Machines running on Citrix XenServer

Note: Neverfail Heartbeat supports any combination of physical / virtual servers.

New Features

  • Neverfail Heartbeat v6.5.1 is Certified on Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Orphaned files management - Neverfail Heartbeat now allows the user to identify and/or delete orphaned protected files on the passive server that do not exist on the active server.
  • Controlled Shutdown - Neverfail Heartbeat can now be configured to force Windows Server to wait for replication to complete before shutting down thereby ensuring Neverfail Heartbeat servers shutdown in a synchronized state.
  • Fast Check - Neverfail Heartbeat can now be configured to perform a Fast Check of the protected set. This optimization process uses time stamp and attribute information to accelerate the file verification process. When combined with Controlled Shutdown, Neverfail Heartbeat performs an unattended restart of the system.
  • The Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client is backwards compatibile with Neverfail Heartbeat, v6.2.0 and v6.3.1

Changed Features

  • Includes the latest version of SCOPE v5.1.5. For details, refer to Knowledgebase article #2100 - 'Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service v5.1.5 - Release Notes'

Issues Fixed

  • When Neverfail Heartbeat is restarted following a restore on the Secondary (or Tertiary) server, the Secondary (or Tertiary) server stops with the following error message: System Crash (Stop Error) 0x7B, Inaccessible Boot Device (Ref-6636)
  • RegistryStateManager should be able to synchronize keys which do not permit access to SYSTEM account (Ref-6765)
  • Right-clicking the Neverfail System Tray Icon on the Primary/active server causes the server to fail (Ref-6840)
  • The time interval for the DiskIO rule is off by 1 hour causing the time interval to start and stop 1 hour earlier than configured (Ref-6970)
  • If Antigen 9 is installed on the passive server, SeSecurityPrivilege becomes disabled for the Neverfail service process token causing failure of the registry to synchronize (Ref-6998)
  • During the restore process of the Secondary server on a Windows 2008 server, the process fails to complete successfully and displays following error message: The specified backup set does not contain all critical volumes (Ref-7372)
  • AMFx initialization excessively delays the startup of Neverfail Heartbeat (Ref-7427)
  • Replication stops because the RegOpenKeyEx failed (Ref-8741)
  • The pre-install check blocks installation on Windows Storage Servers (Ref-8865)
  • The service monitor may start services while applications are stopping (Ref-9238)
  • The CommsMgr does not keep the timestamp when a message is compressed (Ref-10226)
  • Setup fails if Kaspersky Enterprise version is installed on the server (Ref-10116)
  • Unable to perform a switchover and the following message is displayed: NOT ABLE TO SWITCH - STILL EXPECTING ACK (Ref-10194)
  • When DNS zones have an upper case "R" in their name, DNSUpdate will identify them as reverse look-up zones (Ref-10359)
  • Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client displays as synchronized when Neverfail Heartbeat is not in-sync (Ref-10801)
  • A user may be unable to connect to the cluster after the Neverfail Heartbeat Management client connects and then is disconnected (Ref-9168)
  • After uninstalling a version of Neverfail Heartbeat, installing a different version of Neverfail Heartbeat and clearing the Neverfail Packet Filter check box on the NIC properties may cause the server to fail (Ref-7014)

Known Issues

  • WebServiceDB consumes excessive disk space (Ref-11133)
    Workaround: See Knowledgebase article #2110 - How to Disable the WebServiceDB in Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector v5.1.5
  • The DNSUpdate task may fail when run under the System account on the Secondary/active server after switchover (Ref-10837)
  • After an unplanned power failure, the Secondary/passive server fails shortly after restart (Ref-10695)
  • After multiple start/stop operations on applications and services, the following error is reported: Handling error: Responding to error: File/registry update data lost (Ref-10826)
  • The Microsoft SQL ready for archive attribute on the Secondary/active server does not match the Primary/passive server (Ref-10834)
  • When resizing the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client window, some buttons may disappear as a result of the resizing (Ref-10720)
  • After restoring the backup file to the Secondary server, the server keeps rebooting (Ref-8519)
  • Restoring to a non-cloned Secondary or Tertiary server results in the following pop-up being displayed: 'This copy of Windows is not Genuine' (Ref-9444)
  • DNSUpdater fails to update secondary DNS Servers. Workaround: This can be resolved by specifying the name servers that should be updated on the dnsupdate command line. Please see Knowledgebase article #362 . (Ref-4154)
  • Immediately reinstalling of a plug-in may fail and display the message: Delete of target file path\to\plugin.dll failed. Workaround: Please see Knowledgebase article #1385 . (Ref-6132)
  • After uninstalling a version of Neverfail Heartbeat, installing a different version of Neverfail Heartbeat and clearing the Neverfail Packet Filter check box on the NIC properties may cause the server to fail (Ref-7014)
  • DNSUpdate may fail to get the server name from the AD due to possible timing with the packet filter (Ref-7066)
  • Providing incorrect credentials may cause the backup to fail and prevent you from going back to changed the credentials (Ref-7149)
  • Performance Counters missing on Secondary and Tertiary servers produce warnings and a degraded Neverfail Heartbeat performance. (Ref-7700)
    Workaround: Shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat on the Secondary/Tertiary server and run the following from a command prompt:
    lodctr /R in a cmd window
  • Name Servers rejecting the DNSCMD /info request are flagged as Secondary DNS servers (Ref-8298)
  • DNSUpdate is not querying for the correct zone name. Workaround: Manually configure the DNSUpdate task (Ref-8358)
  • If insufficient disk space for the backup exists, Neverfail Setup cannot continue (Ref-8669)
  • If the backup target path last character is a backslash, the backup operation will fail (Ref-8877)
  • Unreliable counting of connected channels has can prevent reconnection after a disconnect (Ref-9417)
  • Changing compression type using the Configure Server wizard in a LAN environment fails to effect the change (Ref-9993)
  • When the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client v6.5.0 is used to manage Neverfail Heartbeat v6.3.1 clusters it will display the Orphaned Files Check button although the functionality is not available for Neverfail Heartbeat v6.3.1 (Ref-10908)
  • A user that enables controlled shutdown on the passive server(s), stops the protected applications and then later reboots a passive server results in the following: Upon restart and reconnection to the replication chain, Neverfail Heartbeat automatically restarts the protected applications (Ref-11086)
  • A user that enables controlled shutdown on the passive server(s), stops the protected applications and then later shuts down a passive server results in the following: Once the controlled passive reboot timer has expired, Neverfail Heartbeat will restart replication between the remaining Active and Passive servers and automatically restart the protected applications (Ref-11086)
  • When performing a Client-only upgrade to v6.5.0, uninstall the old Client Tools and then install the new (v6.5.0) Client Tools (Ref-11017)
  • After a switchover in a WAN deployment, the DNSUpdate task status is not updated on the Applications: Tasks page until after the applications are started Ref-11015)
  • The Packet filter does not work after a P2V Install Clone if VM Tools were installed, please uninstall VM Tools before performing the restore to a VM.(Ref-10993)
  • The LogCollector should not put Neverfail in maintenance mode if Server Service is not protected (Ref-11058)
  • LogCollector doesn’t collect the data from all the machines if Server service is stopped on the remote servers (Ref-11100)
  • Neverfail SCOPE service is not protected when Neverfail Replicator is installed. To protect the Neverfail SCOPE service, upgrade to Neverfail Heartbeat (Ref-11084).
  • When navigating to Data: Replication and clicking the Show Summary Of All Out Of Sync Files And Directories button to expand the Out of Sync Summary panel, the panel appears and then minimizes. (Ref-11436)
  • Changing the selected options on Fast Check may cause a Replication Error message to display on Windows Server 2003.
    Workaround: Acknowledge the error and disregard (Ref-11431).
  • SQL Server file filter discovery will fail if the SqlServerConnections.xml is empty (Ref-10784).
    Workaround: Navigate to C:\Documents and Setting\All Users\Application Data and delete the sqlServerConnections.xml file. This will allow the file to be recreated by the plug-in.
  • When installing Neverfail Heartbeat Client Tools on Windows XP, the following Service Pack levels are required (Ref-11144).
    • Windows XP 32 bit SP3
    • Windows XP 64 bit SP2
  • When configuring failure actions for services, if a protected service also has dependet services, actions to take on failure should match those of the protected service (Ref-11437).
  • The System Plug-in fails to load on the passive-Tertiary server; the service starts but appears to be deadlocked (Ref-11454).
  • The Tertiary server does not join replication chain after Neverfail Heartbeat was restarted on Tertiary server because the server clocks are not in-sync with Primary and Secondary servers (Ref-11456).
  • SCOPE Configuration Tool Support tab disabled to satisfy Windows 2008 R2 certification requirements for Neverfail Heartbeat (Ref-11196).
    Workaround: Navigate to and upload logs to the Neverfail Extranet manually.

    Note: Neverfail SCOPE v5.1.5 is included in Neverfail Heartbeat v6.5.1 but is not available for separate download. For separate download not as part of Neverfail Heartbeat kit, download and install Neverfail SCOPE v5.1.4 unless directed otherwise by Support.

Installation Information

Installation instructions are found in Neverfail Heartbeat and Neverfail Replicator v6.5.1 Installation Guide.pdf

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat v6.5.1

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