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This Knowledge Base article discusses the occurrence of an invalid Symantec Continuous Availability license including the symptoms, causes, and resolutions.

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The Continuous Availability license is generated using the HBSIG (Heartbeat Signature) of the host machine. This unique signature is generated by examining select components on the Primary server. The license key must match the HBSIG in order to be seen as valid.


During normal operations, you receive an error message stating your Symantec Continuous Availability license key has expired or Continuous Availability fails to start after rebooting the server or stopping Continuous Availability.


A license key can become invalid for any of the following reasons:

  • The domain name of the server has been changed.
  • The server has been removed from the domain and re-added.
  • The Security Identifier (SID) has been changed.
  • A new plug-in has been installed since the last license key was installed.

The Continuous Availability license has expired:

Should a licensing problem arise during an implementation, Symantec may provide a temporary or time-limited license so that the implementation can proceed. Temporary or time-limited licenses have a defined expiration date, and when the date is exceeded, will not allow to start.

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) hung or not running:

Continuous Availability uses WMI to validate the license on the Primary server and if WMI is hung or not running, validation cannot complete.


  1. If the cause of the invalid license key is the result of a change to the domain credentials of the server, the addition of a new plug-in, or expiration of a temporary or time-limited Continuous Availability license key, simply request a new license key for the Primary server from Symantec Support representative.
  2. If the cause of an invalid license error is not the result of a domain credentials change, or expiration of a temporary or time-limited Continuous Availability license key, check the Windows Services and ensure that WMI is running. If WMI is running, stop the WMI Service, restart it, and then attempt to start Continuous Availability.

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