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This Knowledge Base article provides information about using Terminal Services or Remote Desktop to manage Symantec Continuous Availability.

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When using Terminal Services to manage Continuous Availability services, keep the following in mind:

  • When remotely managing servers, a Management (backdoor) IP address may be used to access the passive server. Symantec recommends that this IP address be on a different subnet from the Principal (Public) network IP address.
  • When using Windows 2003, make sure that the Management (backdoor) IP address is first in the list of IP addresses on the Principal (Public) network card. See Continuous Availability REFID - 2171 — How to Configure Management IP Addressing and Routing with Symantec Continuous Availability for further advice on configuring Management (backdoor) IP addresses.

Symantec recommends avoiding remote installations via Terminal Services or Remote Desktop. If this cannot be avoided, contact your Symantec Support representative for further assistance.

Applies To

Symantec Continuous Availability 2011

Related Information

Continuous Availability REFID-2168


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