Symantec - Attempting to Protect the Root of Any Microsoft Windows Drive Using a File Filter (for example, C:\** or D:\**) Is Not Recommended



This Knowledge Base article provides information about creating file filters manually.

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Symantec Continuous Availability allows for the addition of custom (user defined) file filters, for example, C:\Program files\3rd party application\**

When creating file filters, if you attempt to add the root of a drive to the file filter set, Continuous Availability will veto the new file filter. The is done to prevent problems replicating the System Volume Information folder.

Care should always be taken when adding custom filters. Please contact Symantec Support if you have any questions about this Knowledge Base article or require further advice.

Applies To

Symantec Continuous Availability 2011

Related Information

Continuous Availability REFID-2176


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