How to Remove Encrypted Files From the Protected Set to Enable Switchover



This Knowledgebase article provides the procedure to remove encrypted files from the protected set so that switchover is enabled.

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Neverfail Heartbeat does not support encrypted files and in the event that encrypted files are present in the protected set, the servers will fail to synchronize and therefore prevent a switchover from successfully completing.


  • The System Overview screen indicates the server group is fully synchronized, but switchover fails due to the presence of unsynchronized files.
  • If switchover is forced by decrypting the parent folder and synchronizing it (while leaving its contents encrypted), switchover appears to complete, but once replication starts and attempts to update the encrypted files, 'access denied' errors are generated and results in an endless sweep-sync loop (because the operation never succeeds).


When encrypted files are included in the protected set, Neverfail Heartbeat cannot synchronize them across the server group and cannot detect or report the correct synchronization status for these files.


Neverfail recommends using one of the following methods when configuring your server group to enable switchover when encrypted files are present:

  • Remove the encrypted files from the protected share
  • Disable the filter for the share containing the encrypted files in the Neverfail Haertbeat Management Client
  • Add exclusions for the specific files

If a switchover has been forced, perform the following steps to resolve the endless sweep-sync loop and restart replication properly:

  1. Shut down Neverfail Heartbeat.
  2. On the passive server(s), remove the encrypted files from the protected set.
  3. Restart Neverfail Heartbeat.

The encrypted files will not be included in the current protected set and the Primary and Secondary server will be allowed to synchronize and enable switchover abilities.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat v5.5.1 and later

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