Neverfail Channel IP Binding Warnings/Errors



Neverfail Channel IP binding warnings/errors may appear if the channel adapter changes to the Media Disconnected state.

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The Neverfail Channel employs a client-server connection model and depending on the servers’ identity, one server can operate as a client, a server, or both client and server.

For example:

On a Primary --> Secondary channel link, the Primary operates as the server and the Secondary operates as the client.
On a Secondary --> Tertiary channel link, the Secondary operates as the server and the Tertiary operates as the client.
On a Tertiary --> Primary channel link, the Tertiary operates as the server and the Primary operates as the client.

When the Neverfail Channel is initiating the connection process, the server side tries to bind to an IP address and opens a listening socket on that address.  Then, the client side attempts to connect to the specified IP address and socket. If for some reason, the server side is unable to bind to an IP address, it will throw binding related warnings and/or errors.

The warnings/errors are server specific since the client side is not attempting to bind to an IP address.


The following message types may appear on the server side when the Neverfail Channel is attempting to establish a connection:

  • WARN362428[ChannelThread:ToSECONDARY#1](com.neverfail.nfchannel.ChannelThread:ToSECONDARY#1) - Ignoring IOException Cannot assign requested address: bind
  • ERROR106594[ClusterControllerThread](com.neverfail.monitor.Monitor) - Monitor Pinger: about to throw PingTargetException com.neverfail.monitor.PingTargetException: Failed to set ping target addresses: Server Monitoring Error: Unable to bind to local address: [IP_Address]
  • ERROR106594[ClusterControllerThread](com.neverfail.monitor.Monitor) - ISCPinger unable to bind to IP Address IP_Address
The following message may appear on the server side (in the windows log) when the Neverfail Channel is attempting to establis connection:
  • Error    Cannot Establish a socket channel   Cannot start a server on <Channel IP>:57348. Please check the Channel configuration.


The Neverfail Channel adapter changes to the Media Disconnected state which can be caused by:

  • Faulty switches/hubs
  • Faulty crossover cables
  • Disabled NICs
  • Powered off machines
  • Channel NICs’ speed and duplex being different server vs client side


  1. Run ipconfig /all and check the adapters’ status. The Channel IP should be displayed in order for the binding process to work.
  2. Update the NICs drivers.
  3. Check the network infrastructure for faulty switches/hubs.
  4. If the channel NICs’ speed and duplex are changed from Auto/Auto-negotiate, ensure that they have the same speed on both server and client side.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat All Versions

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