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This Knowledgebase article describes the Neverfail Heartbeat Setup functionality for ensuring a server reboot is not pending at the time the Setup execution starts.

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When the Neverfail Heartbeat Setup program runs, the Neverfail Heartbeat Setup execution will stop in the event that a pending reboot is found or required on the current server and displays one of following warnings:

The <server_identity> server must be restarted.


On the <server_identity> server the <process_name> process is holding lock, a reboot may be necessary to release the lock.

One of the final steps of the Neverfail Heartbeat installation process is to install the Neverfail Packet Filter Driver, which ensures only one of the servers is visible on the Network at any time. In order for the driver installation to be possible, no pending server reboots must exist.

Additionally, in the event that another process is running on the current server which holds a lock on the Network Configuration, the lock must be closed before the Neverfail Packet Filter driver installation. In some cases, a reboot may be required. A process of this type may not be visible to the user and a reboot will clear the lock.

In order to avoid a mid-install server reboot, the Neverfail Heartbeat Setup program will check whether there are any current pending reboots at the time the installation begins. A server reboot might not be possible for the production server right away, so it may need to be scheduled at a different time.

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Neverfail Heartbeat, all versions

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